Kyle “Ibbi” Watt

“The Bartolini BH2 Passive pickups give me the edge I need to achieve the modern tone I’ve dreamed of for years.”


Ibanez EHB1005MS - Neck Pickup: Bartolini BH2 Neck Pickup (Passive)
- Bridge Pickup: Bartolini BH2 Bridge Pickup (Passive)

Ibanez SR506 - Neck Pickup: Bartolini Mk1-6-F
- Bridge Pickup: Bartolini Mk1-6-R
- EQ: Bartolini Mk-1 (SR)


Ontario, Canada

In the midst of a global pandemic when everything seemed uncertain, Ibbi knew there was no better time than this to start his solo bass career. After more than a decade of playing all over Ontario, Canada in bands ranging from Pop-Punk to hardcore to Extreme Metal it was time to adapt to the repetitive nature of  lockdowns. Building a home studio, learning how to mix and engineer music as well as film and edit his own video content, Ibbi quickly started to build a following on Instagram and other social media platforms. He started learning bass at the age of 15 which also lead to his interest in learning Piano and guitar. As a self taught musician, Ibbi is always trying to break the boundaries of what the bass guitar as an instrument is capable of. Now incorporating his love for progressive metal and Otaku culture Ibbi and his signature “Thumping” technique are an upcoming force to be reckoned with.

Instrument Builders: