Kevin Hide

"My Barts give me the cutting, aggressive, modern tone I need for metal, but can be dialed back to be smooth and warm when I need them to be. There are really no better pickups out there for my music!”


Ibanez SRMS805 Customised with the Following Modifications
Bartolini P46CBC-B Neck Position
Bartolini P46CBC-T Bridge Position
Bartolini HR-5.2AP/918 – Wired with Series/Parallel/Single Coil Mini Toggle Switches for each Pickup


Royal Leamington Spa, UK

A late starter, Kevin did not pick up the bass guitar until he turned 18 years old.  He fell in love with the low end instantly and has never looked back, developing a huge passion for all aspects of the bass.  Deliberately opting not to seek tuition to assist in his learning, he has developed his own unique, fast, aggressive and percussive finger-style technique, taking influences from a broad range of players across many genres, from funk to heavy metal.  He plays both 4 string and 5 string instruments and uses a variety of effects pedals and preamps to achieve his distinctive tones.

At present, Kevin is mostly active in the Midlands metal scene in the UK, “the birthplace of Heavy Metal”, writing and performing with original metal groups “Awaken Eternity” and “Cenfora”, as well as playing the wedding/corporate circuit with function band the “Kingmakers”.

In addition to his band duties, Kevin is available for dep work across the UK and is always open to collaborating with like-minded musicians for tracking/session work on a remote basis globally