Josh Senic

"I’m blessed with the opportunity to endorse Bartolini as an Emerging Artist.  These are the best pickups on the market, period.  I’ve tried them all!"


Bartolini 9J-1, 1978 Ibanez Silver Series J-bass

Bartolini MK5-S B/T, 2014 Ibanez SR305B

Bartolini MK1, 2015 Ibanez SR505PB

Bartolini 8CPB, 2017 Fretless P-bass kit


Greensboro, NC

I’m a working bassist in the Triad area of North Carolina, USA.  I’m currently working in a progressive rock project (Instant On), 2 CCM projects (Awakening and SPARK), and I’m involved in various other freelance projects.  On top of this busy schedule, I’m a family man, I have a full-time career, and I own a home-based marketing business.