Josh Senic

"Whether I’m playing anything from country to rock, R&B to neo soul, to funk, blues, and jazz; Barts give me the tone I need for the gig.  Every song, every style, every gig, every session, every time."


1978 Ibanez Silver Series Jazz Bass, Bartolini 9J-1 Inline Coil Humbucking J-set
2015 Ibanez SR505PB, Bartolini MK-1 Split Coil Humbucking Soapbar set


Greensboro, NC

Josh Senic is an active electric bassist in the Triad region of NC, playing a variety of music.  Josh is involved in bands and studios in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, and the surrounding area.  Josh has been featured as a special guest bassist, performed as a soloist, and participated as a sideman.  Josh is involved in a variety of band projects.  Josh also wears the hats of musical director, arranger, and producer. Josh has played several kinds of pickups, from inexpensive low end to expensive boutique quality, and Josh prefers Bartolini pickups and electronics for his bass guitars.






Instrument Builders: