Jordan Hepburn

“Bartolini has delivered the capabilities in instrumental sound I have been looking for with their MK1 Soapbars and Pre-amp: rich, bright, highly responsive and robust, I feel comfortable and confident with them under my fingers.”


Lakland Skyline 55-01 Deluxe 4-String
MK1 SoapBars
MK1 Three-band EQ Pre-Amp

Genres: Funk, Jazz


Edinburgh, Scotland

Jordan Hepburn is a bass guitarist from Edinburgh, Scotland. He was exposed to music at a very early age – he started with guitar around the age of seven. He grew up learning mainly acoustic and traditional Scottish songs before moving to electric and lead guitar. Jordan’s father, Jerry Hepburn, was a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and these musical genes took root in Jordan. Jordan is also a composer, a guitar and bass player and a backup vocalist.

And then there was Flea! Jordon developed a strong affinity for bass in his early teens and the use of slap technique. This led to further involvement with multiple bands and projects around Edinburgh through his early twenties. And then, a long break from music where “the bass stayed in the case” for the best part of a decade. But the call to music didn’t go away – it was just incubating.

In 2019, Jordon was reignited with a fresh perspective on music and underwent a “Bass Renaissance”. The musicality and playing techniques of Victor Wooten heavily inspired him. He relearned the instrument from the ground up, determined to expand his technical playing repertoire to unlock new potential in creative and expressive possibilities.

Jordan re-entered the world of music with the release of his debut EP, Scotland’s First Solo Bass Creative Works ‘Bass a Alba’ in September 2020, including arrangements of cover songs by well-known artists from Scotland, covered by Bass Magazine. He is also working with a number of artists in the Edinburgh and Glasgow area to develop both collaboration and performance opportunities.

Jordan is available for travel throughout Scotland and further afield as well. He is always interested in opportunities for remote collaboration. He composes and records on Ableton Live Lite