Jon McGrath

"Using Bartolinis in my bass gives me the tone I’ve always desired. They make sure every note I play has that perfect spark!”


HR-5.4AP/918 wiring harness
Pedulla custom pickups



Jon started keeping the beat on drums when he was 12 and picked up bass two years later.  Now he is a professional bassist living in Nashville, Tennessee. Before he moved there from Florida, he finished his music degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University.  The focus of his education was on bass as well as percussion.  He began composing music in high school and began work on his first solo album during and after college.   After playing shows with his original music, busking, and playing with multiple bands around his hometown of West Palm Beach, he moved to Nashville to pair his solo career with being a professional sideman.

Since moving to Nashville in 2020 he has quickly found his stride as a full-time musician in Music City. While Jon mostly uses his Bartolinis for his solo funky bass music, he also plays with various artists of several different genres on the road, around downtown Nashville, and in the studio.   He is very comfortable with Logic Pro as his main daw, and is able to do session work either remotely or in person.

Jon released his solo album “Funky Bus” in 2019, featuring funky bass and drums, folk-inspired ballads, and some unique instrumental combinations. When left to his own musical devices, he gravitates towards funky bass and drums music or soft ballad instrumentals.  Having played any gig from small backyard house parties to full arena shows, Jon is thankful for the opportunities he’s been given throughout his musical career and can rock virtually any style. He loves collaborating with new musicians and hearing their influences and figuring out ways to best intertwine stylistically.  He is available for touring as well!