Johnnie “JCastro” Castro

"You won't find your bass sitting in the mix, unless you have the Bartolini Tone. Stay true to the ultimate sound."


JCastro Custom Bassmods
"Superman- Bass"

Pickups : 5 String Original Quads P2 Soapbar XXP25C
PreAmp : 3 Band Preamp, 4 Line Pots XTCT-4.6

2. JCastro Custom Bassmods

Pickups : Bridge Position
Classic - DL Shape 5 String Music Man
Neck Position : 5 String Standard Single Coil 59CBJS
Preamp: 3 Band XTCT, 4 line Pots 4.7J

3. Cort Artisan 6

Pickups : 2J Squared P2
Preamp : 3 Band XTCT-5.2



I was born in Brooklyn, NY. I went through a tumultuous time following the death of my parents. My mother passed away when he was five, and then his father passed a mere two years later. I credit my brother Arturo J. Castro with altering the course of my life, when he convinced me to relocate to the Maryland.

It took years of drawing closer to God, seeking guidance and understanding before I became clear about my purpose. I dabbled with the keyboard and lead guitar until I found my true passion, the bass guitar. After a few years of playing and studying I became a highly celebrated bass player, which allowed me to achieve tremendous success touring the country and dazzling audiences worldwide with my skill.

I played all different kinds of basses, but it wasn’t until my conversation about the right pick ups to match my desired tone with my Bass Tech Randy Kilpatrick … I fell in love with Bartolini!

I am an accomplished producer. I have done a production for a movie soundtrack and albums for numerous artists.  Those opportunities opened doors for me and I went on to play for Artists such as Lahla-Hadiya, Jonathan Butler, James Lanier, and Bishop Paul S. Morton.

Above all, I am a devoted husband and father of six who credits my musical success to God.

My favorite Quote is …

“Never let the devil mess up the day God prepared for you!”