Jim Tata

"No other pickup allows for such precise tone control; the low end is so warm while the high end is so clean and clear when I need to stand out. "


04 Fender Jazz Bass w/ Bartolini J Bass Pickups
Spector Legend 4 w/ Bartolini Soapbar Pickups


Boston, MA

Jim is currently the bass player and provides backing vocals for Boston rock band HOWL! Jim’s primary guitar is an ’04 custom J Bass with Bartolini pickups, and in the process of completing another custom bass that will use Bartolini’s newest soapbar models.

After picking up the guitar at 12 years old, Jim fell in love with the bass out of necessity. When deciding chairs for competition, his high school jazz band had a few too many guitarists, but Jim was the only guitar player who knew how to read bass clef! The rest, as they say, is history as Jim moved over to bass guitar and has made that his primary instrument ever since; although he has done some moonlighting in other bands as a guitarist and lead singer.