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Tony Devine

Jesse James

"You have not played with the best unless you’ve played with Bartolini pickups! They are by far the best sounding pickups I’ve ever had the pleasure of using on my bass guitars! I love the overall tone, but am a huge fan of the clarity of each note when playing through my Bartolini pickups.” - Jesse James (bass player for Hindsight)"


MTD Kingston KZ5, Ibanez K5

Genres: Hard Rock


College Station, Texas

Born Jesse James Huerta in Cameron, TX, and took up playing bass at an early age of 14, he took to the bass out of all the instruments as he loved the deep tones that were able to be produced from it. Upon completing high school then college he moved to the College Station, TX area to start his career in computer networking. It took a few years and joining a few bands before eventually finding his place as the new bassist for the hard rock band Hindsight. The band is based out of Houston, TX, plays the regional Texas area and has embarked on a few national tours to promote their music