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Khris Forero

Jean Paul Jimenez

“When you have such a broad spectrum of music covered by a single piece of gear, You will know that
your Barts are going beyond good, because these pickups offer some seriously powerful punch to your
bass tone.”


Bogotá, Colombia

Jean Jimenez is a Colombian bassist as well as a music editor. He currently works with Soul Disease
as well as his own solo Project. He leans towards Funk/Frenchouse and is influenced by Technical Death
and Progressive metal. Between his bands commitments, he is active in many genres of music and has
recorded/performed/toured and done session work. He has been published in Shock Magazine, Bass
Musician magazine, Rockaxis, Rock Inc and Cavernet Rock Magazines and has performed live on various
music programmes. His Kingston Z6 has the versatility to keep up with everything!
Jean started his professional career at 17 years old in 2002. Most recently Jean performed as bassist
on tour with Nonsense Premonition, Implosion Brain, Tears of Misery, Cancerbero, Genetic Error, Full
Knife Injection, Cyberia Organica, La Bogotá DC Funk, Vecordia, Doomsayer, DxNoise, Coretta Molly, How
a Heart Breaks, Seattle among others.

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