JC Alza

"I've being using Bartolini pickups for two decades.  These pickups help me become a better player - I can hear any harmonics - slap or finger style at any given moment. I love the way the voice of my Bartolini's hugs the Music."


Various MTDs – both USA and Kingstons

JC Alza has worked as the bassist, arranger and producer of Funk, R&B, Metal, Pop/Rock and Latin grooves and has also worked on various projects as a ghost writer and performs both live and in studio. “I’ve been playing bass for more years than I like to think” when recalling musical experiences performing in bands ranging from Original music, Hard Rock, Funk, Celtic, Reggae, Latin and the list continues. Influences include Marcus Miller, Robert Trujillo, Jaco Pastorius and music from Led Zeppelin to Motown, Metal and Fusion combined. Through this blend of both influences and past experiences, JC continues to focus on the style and techniques that flow through him and is continually striving to master his craft.


Instrument Builders: