Jamess Mooney

"It was an easy install and the tone that I have created using the Classic in the Bridge position and the Original in the Neck position has given me a unique sound that will bury even the lowest of lows with a touch of treble to give me just enough brightness."


Bartolini Soapbar Original Bridge / Soapbar Classic Neck
Bridge in the Neck Neck in the Bridge


Leesville, LA

Jamess was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI.  After serving in the Navy he moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he started playing bass guitar.  Living in Arizona exposed him to many influences in the music industry and moving to Louisiana over 20 years ago only increased his love for all things music has to offer. Living in the south has given Jamess a very diverse combination of music influences – from jazz to blues to rock & roll to metal.  He uses it all when he composes and mixes complex rhythms and harmonies.  He believes in maintaining a structure of free improvisation so that the soul can feel the music.

Jamess has a studio at home so he can indulge in his various musical projects.  It meant he had to teach himself DAW Reaper – many tutorials later and lots of experimenting with plug-ins and he is just beginning to scratch the surface of all of its capabilities.  He learned enough that he was able to master all the songs for his band and his artist pages on reverb.  He uses a Tascam digital recorder for his travel gigs.

“I’ve always have had music in my life and enjoy being around others that enjoy music. “