Jake Kiernan

"Each note is undeniably clear with Bartolini pickups. Bartolinis allow me to push the envelope and exceed what's possible as a bass player."


PICKUPS: Bartolini BD Soapbar BD5C
BASS: 2020 Spector Euro5LX

Spector Euro5LX with two BD Soapbar BD5C (custom wound by Spector basses)


Colorado, USA

Jake Kiernan is a USA bass player based in Colorado, but his social media presence brings him around the world. He knows keyboard and some guitar, but bass is his main instrument. He fell in love with bass at the beginning of high school and spent countless hours learning how to produce what he heard in his head and through his ears on his instrument. This process resulted in writing and playing fluently – AND installing (expensively) a Kahler tremolo on his bass! He realized he needed to arm his bass with a tremolo to better express the melodies he heard in his head. His compositions challenge him, but the experience makes him learn about himself and expand his musical limits. He works hard on his original music until he is satisfied with the final product.

Jake laid his foundation with rock and metal songs, but now he is very passionate about creating his own progressive genre of bass playing with his own unique sound. By composing unique riffs and melodies with Reaper, Jake is able to personally help and inspire thousands of people around the world through his social media.  He is quick to provide tips and techniques, both privately and publicly, and always offers positive messaging and support for everyone’s musical journey.

Jake enjoys making musical content by himself, but social media makes collaborations really easy.  One of his favorite projects to date is writing, recording and performing an original version of the American National Anthem with his dad for his 2020 high school graduation.  The Star Spangled Banner baby! Using Bartolini pickups, Jake plans on a game-changing music career.

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