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Steve Miller

Jackie Hancock

"NOW I understand what these little black boxes are supposed to do!"


CF5CBC-B/T 5-String Classic Bass Dual Coil soapbars paired to an HR-5.2AP pre-wired 3-band EQ preamp


I reside in Paso Robles in San Luis Obispo County, California

I started playing bass in college after I commandeered one from the back of an old boyfriend’s closet. I learned my favorite songs and took a few lessons, then quickly found a band of other college students to play with. They all graduated and left me realizing I need to find a group of musicians that have MUSIC as a priority! In 1995 I joined Peil, an alternative metal/rock band. We had a good run—even though we still play together today (as Micky’s Moonshine), Peil has been on the back burners while we explore other music endeavors. I dabbled with punk for a couple years with the Bunker Club, which was a blast and really the catalyst that got me playing with different genres of music. Somehow I found myself playing bass for Joe Koenig and the Homewreckers—Joe is a longtime friend of mine, so accepting his invite was not surprising. What I did not expect is that I would love his ‘Texas Soul’ music and immediately find myself a part of another band family. Music is my expression and is ever evolving—my passion is sharing this love and inspiring others to follow.