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Nathan Henneton

Guillaume Muschalle

"They're simply the best guitar pickups I've ever played. Clarity is very present, while retaining the roundness I'm looking for in this type of pickup. The balance is perfect!"


Bartolini Jazz Guitar Humbucker – 5J

Genres: Jazz, Soul


Passionate about improvisation and inspired by the music of Django Reinhardt, Bill Evans, John Coltrane and Charlie Parker,
Guillaume moved to Paris at the age of 18 to pursue his passion. He obtained his professional music cycle diploma at the Atla school
while playing and meeting many musicians in Parisian clubs.

By evolving through his group experiences and his first musical influences of Reggae, Hip-Hop, Soul and World Music,
he expresses his “great passion” for improvisation. In 2015 he recorded his first EP with the Colors Ave project,
which he co-leads with his friend and pianist Ken Linh Doky, accompanied by drummer Ismaël Nobour and bassist Jerry Pavaye.
Guillaume plays compositions but also works as a side-man for soul artists like Samy Defosse (Sol, The Voice 2016) and Bianca Raquel,
with whom he performs in the prestigious club “The Standard” of Niels Lan Doky in Copenhagen.

These experiences led him to play on important stages in France (Olympia, New Morning, Plateau TF1) and in Europe (Italy, Denmark, Germany).
Described as virtuoso, his style is above all an illustration of a personal search for freedom and spontaneity. Constantly seeking to flirt with codes,
he plays with them to offer freshness to classic jazz that sometimes nourishes current music.

Technique then becomes his playground and he rediscovers his childish soul thanks to the instrument. he feels like he can never stop.
As his teacher said, “His guitar is the continuity of his arms. Its sustained activity on social networks such as Instagram (27k subscribers)
and his collaborations with sponsors such as D’Angelico and D’Addario give him international visibility.
Guillaume also collaborates with chillhop and lo-fi beatmakers and has notably released several EPs/Singles and albums with the Chillhop Music label.
Recently he released his first solo album “Shared Stories” on which he invites two great guitarists: Peter Hertmans and Philip Catherine.