Gerald Veasley



Gerald Veasley Signature Ibanez GVB1006



Philadelphia born Bassist Gerald Veasley has been part of the Bartolini Family for years. His Signature Model Ibanez GVB1006 equipped with Bartolini Pickups have been the foundation of his Bass tone. An excellent bassist Gerald was exposed to gospel and R&B as a child and went on to play in various R&B bands on the Philly scene. He eventually discovered jazz and came to appreciate Weather Report and Return to Forever also gaining an appreciation Earth Wind & Fire and Smokey Robinson. His influences include Jaco Pastorius, Anthony Jackson, Stanley Clarke. In 1988 Joe Zawinul of Weather Report hired him as a sideman until 1995. Gerald signed with Heads Up International and released his first album for the label, Look Ahead in 1992  in 1994 Signs, 1997 Soul Control, 1999 Love Letters and 2001 On The Fast Track. Gerald continues to pave the way and inspire generations of Musicians..

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