George E. Rodgers III

"I've used Bartolini pickups and preamps in all of my basses since the 70s. They have always delivered my desired tone and clarity."


2015 ("Cupcake") Anaconda Constrictor CSE5 Elite w (Bart P45CBC pickups)
2008 ("Peaches") Custom KSD w (Bart J & MM pickups)
2011 ("Barbara Jean") Ibanez SR 706 w (Bart Dual coil pickups and ntmb preamp) 

I have toured and recorded with the following artists:

The Commodores, Stephanie Mills, Donald Byrd, Sheila Raye,  Charles Regina,  Carter Crown Heights Affair, The Strikers, Fresh Band, Southern Art Music Ensemble, Camille Gainer Jones, Jazz Drummer, Justice Butler, Drummer for The Manhattans