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Serkan Uzundal & Oktay Bingöl

Erhan Ertetik

" The sound is so suitable for any genres , I Love its unique sound"


Mtd fretless and Custom fretless


Istanbul / Turkey

Erhan Ertetik is a Turkish bass guitarist. After graduating from psychology at the university, his interest focused more on the bass guitar .He and friends released their first album in 2018 with the jazz trio “Cazzip Project” , as a group they played various festivals in the Netherlands and the USA. Erhan eventually left the group for his own solo project and released his first album  in 2021″Dududa”.  Erhan Ertetik is a studio musician for many styles in Turkey and he plays with of Turkey’s more major artists. Erhan is currently preparing for a new album and currently the Bassist for Gülşen and Kırac.