Efrain Flores

"First time I hear the Bartolini system on my Roscoe was Love at First Sight. Can’t Stop playin my bass for hours! All the Sounds I created with the Bartolini preamp was Madness!!! For Me Only Bartolini!"


Roscoe SKB with Bartolini NTMB Pickups and Preamp 18v
MTD Kingston Z6 with Preamp HR-5.2APMT/918  9v
Greyman Signature Bass with Bartolini Pickups MK6CBC

Genres: Country, Jazz, Pop, R&B



Born in Mexico.  When he was seven years old, he heard Miles Davis on the radio and his life was changed forever.  Now, I play many different styles of music and in several bands. I am also a studio session bassist, a producer, a composer and a songwriter and I’m always involved with a music project of some sort or another.

Instrument Builders: