Eduardo Sitjà

"Creating my own sound is paramount – Bartolini is an essential part of it"


ARTISAN A4 Custom SP, Modified for finger–ramp.
• PICKUPS: Bartolini MK4CBC-B & MK4CBC-T
• ELECTRONICS: Bartolini MK-1 EQ / 1v, 1blend, 3band, EQ on-off switch


Santiago, Chile

Eduardo Sitjà is an extraordinary bassist as well as an exceptional finger style guitarist.  He is very attuned to how the final composition must interact with the environment and with the audience.  He is able to take advantage of the tonal qualities of his instrument(s) and develop musical ideas – sometimes using external technology such as loopers or just the tone of the instrument and different fingering and strumming techniques.

His original compositions can be mixture of delicate harmonic music, contain energetic rhythms, song cycle improvisations, and funky fusion ideas on bass and guitar.   He is able to compose in many various styles and draws upon his holistic music knowledge to fine tune each piece.   He excels at instrumental and interpretive music used to heal both spiritually and physically.   He has a wide catalog of both original music and versions of popular songs.

Eduardo has performed session work up and down Chile and has a number of concert clinics of electric bass solos.  He has a strong knowledge of theory, harmony, classical and modern music and is able to tour, travel and collaborate.  He has participated in many clinics and workshops.

He is also a music educator and offers courses and individual instruction through his website.