Eddie Gatewood

"My sound has always been defined by Bartolini.   The Pickups and the preamps are the best from my MTD Kingston Andrew Gouche to my Fender Jazz. They help me to create my sound."


P 2’s, Jazz pickups, 9/18 preamp, Fender Jazz, MTD AG6 

Genres: Blues, Country, Gospel, R&B


Memphis, TN

Eddie has been playing bass for approximately twenty-three years, and has had the pleasure of accompanying a variety of local and national gospel and R&B artists. Such names include:

Local Memphis artists: The Maestro Derek Jackson, Jeffery Williams and Voices of Inspiration, Everett McBee, Changed, David Gillard, Jerome Greene and The Voices of Triumph, Pam Armour and Memphis Shop

National artists/assemblies: The Clark Sisters, Nikki Ross, Donnie McClurkin, The GMWA Mass Choir, The C.O.G.I.C. Mass choir, the National Baptist Congress Youth Rally, Kevin Davidson and the Voices, AD and Ashley Davis, Michael and Regina Winans, Darwin Hobbs, Rance Allen, Latrice Pace, Earnest Pugh, Faith Hill, Dani, Chris J, and Frankie D’Carlos Patrick, Bernard Williams and other many great artists….

One of his greatest opportunities came while playing for the late, great Bishop G.E. Patterson. He says that it was a wonderful experience to work with him. He has played both nationally and internationally and is always looking for new opportunities to expand his musical experience.

Instrument Builders: