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Dave Lepori

David McAllister, “Kidd Funk”

"The number one reason I use Bartolini is "TONE." I have always searched for the perfect tone to use in the studio and on stage. Bartolini electronics bring out the best tones in my Basses so I can just concentrate on playing.
During my very first recording session the engineer and I were trying to get the perfect funk tone out of my bass. It just was not possible. So he called a friend that had a Fender Jazz loaded with Bartolini pickups. We immediately found 'The Tone' and proceeded to record 6 tracks in about 3 hours time. The tracks were Fat with an extra crisp pop and sat just right in the mix."


Devon (J5 Modern 24) = P252J T & B pickups - HR-4.6AP/918 Preamp + AGDB/918-2 Buffer.
Marco Bass (TFL5) HR-4.6J/918 Preamp
BassMods (Custom 6) Classic Dual Coil J-67CBJD3 Pickups, HR-4.7APJ/918 Preamp + AGDB/918-2 Buffer.
BassMods (KM5) = 59CBJD3

Genres: Funk, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock


Fremont Ca

David McAllister, Alias “Kidd Funk” a native Californian, has been blazing the live music scene around the San Francisco Bay Area with his Bass Guitar for over 30 years. Kidd Funk’s musical styles include, but are not limited to Modern Rock, Funk and R&B. One of his biggest influences is Marcus Miller. Kidd Funk has shared the stage with Toto, Pete Escovedo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The FIXX, Jorge Santana, Tony Lindsay (former lead vocalist of Santana), GQ and the Thompson Twins. Kidd Funk is currently an active member of some of the hottest Casino & Club Bands in Northern California (Masterpiece, MPulse, Groove Ride & Harold Day & The Experience “Jimi Hendrix” Tribute