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David Garcia

"Bartolini gives breath to my bass. Since 2004, they’ve added a sort of organic element to my tone that defies explanation."


15 and counting! Modulus Quantum (NTBT, Soapbar), Genesis (NTBT, Soapbar) and Vintage Jazz (NTBT, J-Bass) models; Zon 519 (NTBT, Candybars), Bass Mods K5 (J-Bass and MusicMan Quad Coil); Elrick Hybrid 7 and Evolution 12 (NTMB, MK1 Dual Coils); Spector Euro 5 (Custom Dual Coil Humbuckers), MTD 635-24 (NTMB, Custom Soapbars), Headless 6 (NTMB, Custom Dual Coil Soapbars), and Saratoga (NTMB, Single-Coil J-Bass) models, with another Saratoga in build with the new b-axis P-Bass and MusicMan pickups.


Fallbrook, San Diego County, CA
A San Diego born and bred mainstay, David started his musical adventure focused on all things rock over twenty-five years ago.  As time went on, he branched out to become a musical chameleon of sorts, often working with a number of different artists at any one given time, playing a wide range of styles covering everything from progressive metal to country, along with contributing to a variety of film and game projects.  Always seeking to challenge himself creatively and think outside the box, David embraces the use of extended range basses and a variety of effects in order to cater to the needs of the artist or song.  These days, when not working out of his home studio in the secluded hills of Fallbrook, singer/songwriter David can often be found performing with a variety of different artists throughout Southern California, sometimes even incognito, bringing you all the cheesy hits of the 80s with the Cheez Whiz Band as his alter ego, ‘Val Veeta’.