DaTou “DaTone” Chang

"It’s impossible to get bad sound on Bartolini pups and preamp. When bass boost to the max, No other preamp can have a clear note like NTMB. "


Rob Allen Deep 5 with Bartolini NTMB+F preamp

Fender jazz V FMT with Bartolini 57j-1 and NTMB+F preamp


Taipei, Taiwan

DaTou “DaTone” Chang, Berklee Alumni, who is considered as the most versatile and innovative musician in Taiwan.

As a bass player, he has been performing with Grammy-winning artist, Kirk Whalum, and Grammy-nominated artist, Jeff Lorber. But he’s not only specialized in Jazz. He also recorded, toured for many MandoPop Singer worldwide, and continuously works with international artists while they perform in Asia.

As an educator, he has been an important developing member of the jazz scene in Taiwan since 2010. He also runs an artist development program with his partner, which helps the artist to progress while they hit the plateau.

As a singer/songwriter, he uses Vocoder as a connection between bass and his voice. This combination helps him to express musical ideas more deeply. His debut album released on Christmas, 2019.