Chris Brazier

"My Bartolini pickups allow me to get the sound from my head to your ears. I know I can bring one bass to a gig and get any sound I need to get the job done."


90P46MTJ-T + 90P46MTJ-B Pickups
HR-5.2APMT/918 Preamp


London, UK

Chris has always been a creative artist but found his passion when he started playing Bass at the age of 14. He found his forte in music and started to pursue life as a musician. Chris went on to study Music at college and made some fantastic connections. Being the only bass player in his college course, Chris played with all the musicians and played various styles of music and really learnt his craft. This led Chris to play sessions for various artist of many genres such as, rock, pop, metal, reggae, Rnb, funk, hip hop, worship, gospel and many more. In Chris’s early twenties he joined Anonymous Tip and began working on an album with them and touring the UK. Anonymous Tip released two albums with some great success and radio coverage. Chris continues to play with Anonymous tip but is also working with various artist such as, Blass 89, The ShunGlasses, Dan Blackmore, Riverside Vineyard, Jason Charles and many more. Chris is currently in demand as a session musician and Bass teacher. Chris also plays regularly at Riverside Vineyard Church. Chris can work remotely from home recording studio for artists around the world. He also teaches via Skype. Chris is currently working on his first solo album and playing live as a solo bassist. Feel free to contact him regarding work as a bassist.

Instrument Builders: