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Sean David Kenney

Chance Wilder Onody

"I have a very distinct sound and tone in my mind that I strive for. Bartolini allows me to realize that sound and not only hear the nuances but feel them as well as I play. I love these pickups!"


Warrior Dran Michael/Isabella Custom Bass Guitar with MV5C, X55J1-T, and Warrior Custom NTMB Preamp


Los Angeles, California

Chance Wilder Onody is called a prodigy, virtuoso and master bassist in the press and by his peers!  Onody loves to be musically innovative by creating memorable music and performances in ways not done before.

Chance Wilder Onody’s symphonic rock “Crimson Wings” is such a project and is being hailed as a Masterpiece. Onody’s arrangement is receiving incredible recognition, and his 64 organic instrumental performances are an extraordinary achievement to what can be achieved on bass. This recording is a follow up to his very successful single “Feeling Good”, where Onody performed 19 instrumental parts on bass creating a mesmerizing rendition of a great classic song receiving rave reviews around the world.

Onody has had many milestone achievements in his young career.  Just within the last 5 years alone Onody has over 135 recording credits on commercially released recordings in the United States. Chance Wilder Onody has the rare distinction of being equally gifted on the Upright and Electric Bass, which has earned him many endorsements and the respect of his peers. Since the age of 15, Onody’s distinctive sound, creative hook lines, blistering improvisations and jaw dropping melodies, has him in high demand as a studio musician.