Ceth Carter

"The clarity and response of Bartolini is un matched. Mid range and higher frequency response is stellar while the bottom end is rock solid and powerful while staying completely clean and clear and highly manageable. As good as good gets!"


9cbjd-s1 dual inline coil hum canceling,passive. neck and bridge position

Allen Eden Sonorous 4 and Sonorous 5


Winchester Tennessee.

Standard story of a teenage boy with dreams of rock n roll. Started on guitar early on and then discovered bass and turned into a life long drummer. Several bands with great intentions were gone through while switching from guitar and bass as the project called for,all while being a bass player at heart. As mid to late 20’s came along,so did life and the grim reality of leaving music behind for a lot of years. Fast forward to 3 years ago and opportunity knocked in the form of a favorite musician, Charlie Bonnet III, looking to regroup and start new. Even as I was an over the road truck driver,i knew the time was right and I spent my nights at truck stops teaching myself bass again and I seized the opportunity. I’ve been with Charlie ever since. Our current and progressively successful project is Charlie Bonnet III and The Folkin’ Gasholes. We are high octane southern rock and making our own waves with an even bigger plans on the horizon