Bobby Amirkhan

"I need to adjust my tone constantly to fit the wide range of genres covered; Bartolini electronics allow me to do so with ease."


Main: Lakland Skyline Series 55-02 Custom w/Bartolini DL52K3 pick-ups & NTMB-L pre-amp
Secondary/Solo: Conklin GT-7 w/Bartolini active pick-ups


Las Vegas, NV (when not at sea with Carnival Cruise Line)

I started playing bass when I was 17 years old; what started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion and I began pouring hours upon hours into my craft. After attending Victor Wooten’s Bass & Nature Camp in late 2006, I felt like I could have a chance to turn music into a profession. I changed my university major to Music Studies and never looked back. After 10+ years of playing bars, clubs, and wine bars in Northern California, I decided to move to Las Vegas to take a stab at being a professional musician. Shortly after moving, I landed an audition with Carnival Cruise Line and got the job; thankfully Humboldt State University had equipped me with the knowledge and skill to perform well in this new environment. I’ve been with Carnival for two years; I’m currently a band leader/Music Manager and am looking forward to developing in my current position both professionally and musically.

Instrument Builders: