Bill Hill

"They are the go to pick up for monster tone. The pinnacle of a great tone!"


Vintage 90s Bartolini 60 in Charvel CX291
MM4CBC in MTD artist bass

Genres: Funk, Metal, Rock


Edwards   NY

I’ve been a gigging musician since the mid-80s.   In that time I have performed most all styles of music you could think of. Versatility   is a must for me, be it on bass, my main instrument or electric guitar. I was   introduced to Bart’s by a luthier/repair shop. From clean to crunch on guitar   and fingered, picked, or slapped & popped on bass they always made a   great tone! I have been sold on them since then. They are the go to pick up   for monster tone. In my current band, THE   BAD HUSBANDS CLUB, we cover funk, rock & roll, swing, jazz, disco-   everything. My MTD was a great sounding bass out of the box…but the Bart made   it a tone beast! With a schedule of 80-100 gigs yearly, dependability is a   must and these don’t offer any issues…just great tone every night.

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