Bertalan Temesi

"I’ve been using Bartolini Pickups since the ’90s. I've owned many instruments in my life, but Bartolini has been a mainstay. 98% of my bass collection (Over 30 basses I have in my studio) have Barts. I Love Barts because of their punchy, fast, straight, understandable, bright sound."


80X55J set (Blasius Berci 5 fanned fret) / XXP25C original quad (Blasius Oldstone 5 “35) / X45J (Blasius Kata 5 “34). Basses : Blasius, MTD, Pedulla, Elrick, BassMods, Fodera, Ritter, Roscoe, Xotic, Fender,



An active musician for the last 25 years in Hungary. Bertalan is a well known Hungarian Bassist, Music Instructor and Producer..  A Music producer of the Hungarian X Factor and  more than 70 other Tv shows over the last 10 years. Bertalan is a board member of the Music Hungary Association, the Association of Light Music Authors and Lyricists and also.a member of the Royalty Committee of Hungarian Freelancer Artists and Radio presenters in Hungary for Jazz Radio.

In November 2012 Bertalan received an award from the Hungarian Jazz Federation and an ARTISJUS award in December 2012. He’s also been recognized as one of the best Smooth Jazz Songwriters in Hungary with more awards in 2013, 2017 and most recently 2021  Winning a Fonogram  the (Hungarian Grammy).