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Andres Jimenez

Becka Bass

"Bartolini pickups and electronics just give me the perfect blend for warm and cool sound!"


Classic Bass Soapbars & NTMB+F Preamps

Genres: Funk, Jazz, Pop, Rock


Mexico City

Professional female bass player born in México city.  At age 21 began studying music and entered the city rock scene rapidly excelling in modern harmony,  percusión and different bass techniques. Currently studying theory & composition at Trinity college of London.

Rebeca has played in ensembles with renowned musicians in jazz, folk and rock scene, participated in festivals and cultural forums all over México.

In 2008 started touring international venues playing with top latín pop,  rock artists like Cristian Castro, Ma. Jose, among many others.

She is currently on international tour in Mexico, USA and Central & South America with the female rock pop singer Alejandra Guzman, and with her own girl’s band project Warrior Goddess, playing funk, jazz and rock