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“I have known the Bartolini name and reputation for excellence forever. After adding Bartolini 69J1-L/LNs with active preamp to my custom 6-string fretless, I now fully understand and appreciate both the power and subtleties I can get out of my instrument.”


• Custom 6-String Fretless w/ Barts 69J1 L/LN 6-String L/L Size Deep Tone Split Coil Set + Noll Preamp • Tobias 6-String Fretted Bass with Bartolini M46J-B/T Soap Bar Pickups + Bartolini Preamp • MTD Kingston Z6 6-String Bass Fretted Bass w/ Bartolini P46CBC-T/B + Bartolini HR-5.4AP Preamp


Southern California

VINCENT MEDINA is best known as an American virtuoso jazz bassist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and accomplished recording artist.  His go-to instrument is a  6-string, fretless/fretted bass.  “My Bartolini 69J1-L/LNs with active preamp add incredible nuance and dynamics to my custom 6-string fretless bass, absolutely beyond measure.” Vincent has created a style uniquely his own by absorbing any/all music of interest and also adopting the cultural aspect of his city/environment here in Los Angeles. All this while embracing LA’s multi-cultural offerings including, but not exclusively, Flamenco guitar. Vincent’s unconditional love for music in all its forms, studied jazz / jazz improvisation with Ladd McIntosh; classical, music theory, performance, composition, upright bass + electric bass at CSUN, private study with (former LA Philharmonic) contrabass master Arni Egilsson. Vincent’s main instruments include electric and acoustic fretless and fretted basses in 4, 5, and 6 strings. Importantly, humbles himself to the greats of bass from whom he drew inspiration: Electric — Percy Jones, Jeff Berlin, Jaco Pastorius, and Stanley Clarke; Upright — NHO Pedersen, Charles Mingus, Buster Williams, Arild Andersen, Charlie Haden, and Ron Carter.

His current music projects are  Acid Fuchsin (aka acid fusion trio) free form jazz-rock improvisation / fusion and Thank Finatra pop-rock / jazz-fusion ensemble. All but the but the progressive metal samples in Vincent’s social media is unrehearsed, free improvisation. With that in mind, the following footnote is typically added to his content: “Note: this is “free improvisation”… music executed on the spot, without preparation of any sort. Music that literally did not exist in our heads or hands prior to that moment in time.

Available for Local, Regional, International Touring; Lessons/Tutorials; Fill-in/Substitute Role; In addition, can play supporting parts for guitar and keyboards.Guest Solos; Live + Remote Recording Sessions, Local + Remote Collaboration, Ad hoc ops, etc.

COMPOSITION TOOLS: GuitarPro 7.5; DAW TOOLS: Ableton Live, Cubase 8, Logic Pro X, ProTools, Reaper, Studio One 4; AI EQUIPMENT: Presonus 1818VSL & Focusrite Scarlett Solo