Arron Ward-Twinney

"The search for tone has ended! Bartolini covers all my musical needs, from warm and round to punchy and aggressive. They handle everything I throw at them! "


Ibanez SR5000 fitted with Custom Bartolinis
Ibanez SR500 fitted with MK4CBC
Fender Precision fitted with 8CBP


Cumbria, UK
Arron first picked up the bass guitar aged 14, and his passion for the instrument grew from there. A strong music scene in his hometown allowed him to experiment with a number of genres, both as part of a band and for his own enjoyment. The variety of bands he has been a part of has allowed him to develop talent in many different styles of music and given him the opportunity to write and play his own. Arron has recorded various EPs and albums with his bands, giving him a wealth of recording experience. He is currently undertaking a recording project with a local producer, with the aim of releasing music in the near future. Arron has also racked up many miles touring throughout the UK with bands, forging friendships with musicians from all over the world.

Attending college to study music also taught him about the fundamentals of music theory, live performance and production, which is something he has come back to recently.

During lockdown, Arron studied underneath musicians such as Jacob Umansky and John Ferrara, giving him the chance to learn new skills and gain new relationships with other artists.

He is employed as a manager at a music shop, giving him an overview of a huge number of instruments and musical styles, and helping shape the next generation of musicians in the local area.