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Gerardo Gonzales Coca

Andres Mora

"I have been a Bartolini Player since 1989, on my Tobias Basses and Currently MTD !!! love BARTS , they give me the punch and definition to get thru !!"


TOBIAS Basic 5 , 1987, Original Bartolini Curved pickups, TCT stacked tone control.
MTD Kingston Super 5, DL52CBJD3 Pickups, HR 5.2 AP-918 Harness.


Cali, Colombia, South America
Been active on Latin America since 1982; graduated from Musicians Institute B.I.T. in 1989. Has studies in Electric bass Performance, Classical guitar, Theory/Harmony, etc. Have been part of the seminal Latin rock LATAM scene as a member of KRONOS, SANTASANGRE, ANGEL NEGRO, and several groups of Colombian Music. Have performed in USA ( Florida and Colorado ) , Italy, Spain ( Barcelona and Madrid ) and Ecuador.  play pretty much all popular styles of Music. Currently a member of NUCLEONICS, an Industrial Rock band with two records out.

Ha estado activo en el campo musical de Latinoamerica desde 1982; se graduo del Musicians Institute B.I.T en 1989, en Electric Bass Performance. Estudios adicionales en Guitarra Clasica, Teoria, Armonia, etc. ha sido parte de la escena Latina de los 80s y 90s como integrante de KRONOS, SANTASANGRE, ANGEL NEGRO y muchas otras agrupaciones de musica popular Colombiana. Ha hecho presentaciones en USA ( Florida y Colorado ) , Italia, Espana ( Barcelona y Madrid ). En el momento es Integrante como Bajista y Vocal de NUCLEONICS, banda de Rock Industrial con dos CDs lanzados.