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Paolo Campitelli

Andrea Arcangeli

"Since I started playing bass I had a precise sound in mind. Thanks to Bartolini I’ve found the tone I've always been looking for. Bartolini Pickups and Electronics give my basses the definition and the power I need in my music.
Simply amazing!!!"


Bartolini BH2 Pickups
Bartolini HR-5.4AP/918 on board preamps
Ibanez SRMS805 / Ibanez SR675-skf



Born and raised in Rome, Andrea has been playing bass since the age of 16. Andrea’s Professional Musical career started in early 1999 and as of today he has , more than 20 official releases in his resume. Bassist for such metal bands as DGM (IT), NOVERIA (IT), ARK ASCENT (UK), SOLISA (IT) and HEVIDENCE (IT) which toured around the world also CONCEPT and Arlines Of Terror. Currently active with collaborations with Italian and International artists, with plans for more releases and touring…

Andrea also Proudly endorses Ibanez, Zoom, Hartke.