Amanda Rampe

"My Bartolinis give my tone just the right combination of punchy articulation and face-melting heaviness."


Ibanez SR-505 with Bartolini MK1 pickups, Fender Jazz Bass with Bartolini B-axis J55J-19


Rochester, NY

Amanda first started playing bass as a teen and quickly discovered her love for the instrument. “Like many other bassists, I first started out playing guitar,” she says. “But no matter how much I practiced, it never felt like quite the right fit. Picking up a bass made me feel right at home; my strong sense of rhythm made leading the groove feel natural and that low end makes me feel like a powerful force in a way that guitar never did.”

For over 15 years, Amanda has performed on bass, guitar, keys, and vocals in a variety of bands, several of which have toured the US. Amanda holds an Associate’s Degree in Music Recording Technology from Finger Lakes Community College as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Music/Business from Nazareth College of Rochester where she was a vocal major.

Amanda’s current projects include heavy power trio Saints & Winos and bluesy doom quartet Fox 45. In both groups, she plays bass, shares responsibilities for vocals, and collaborates in songwriting efforts. Fox 45 released their debut full-length album on Twin Earth Records in 2016 and plans to release their second in early 2019.

Amanda and the other women in Fox 45 feel strongly about expanding the representation of female, trans, and gender-nonconforming musicians and are regular volunteers with their local Girls Rock camp, Girls Rock! Rochester. Amanda is available for a limited number of lessons and studio sessions, and may be contacted at with any inquiries

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