Adam Saylor

"Simply incredible. They allow me to have my own voice and express myself with such ease and proficiency."


MTD Beast 5; HRTCT5.4AP preamp and CBJD3 pickups
MTD Kingston AG5; HR5.4 NTMB+FL 18v preamp and xxP25cx-b quad coil pickups
MTD Kingston Artist 5; NTBT preamp


Detroit, MI

Adam’s interest in music began at a very young age.  He was grounded in piano, explored the drums and guitar, and fell in love with the bass when he was in his teens.  His high school teacher, Chris Braue, knew he had something special in Adam and made sure he got a solid grounding in music theory and reading music.  Adam continued his music education at Indian Bible College and was asked to play on the “To the Truth Live” album (and subsequent tour) when he was just a freshman. This was the start of his professional career.

Adam has gone on to play with a plethora of very successful artists on stages/in studios all over the world. He has toured in the US, Canada, South America and Europe.  He collaborates, writes, records and produces remotely for clients all over the world via his home and/or mobile Pro Tools studio. When Adam is not on the road, he can be found playing and/or Music Directing at his home church, Kensington Church, as well as many other churches around the Metro Detroit area.

Not only is Adam is an MTD Artist (and raging MTD fanatic) he is also endorsed by many other major industry brands such as Bartolini Electronics, D’Addario and Co., Hipshot Products, and Epifani Amplification. Recently, Adam partnered with Bartolini in bringing back a vintage, highly sought after TCT preamp circuit now affectionately known as “his” preamp. As such, Adam has become known as somewhat of a Bartolini TCT and vintage Tobias “expert”. With his YouTube videos and channel ever growing in popularity, Adam continues to do his best to help educate/inform people on the importance/differences with things such as preamp/pickup selection and getting “your” unique sound. It is his hope to encourage open dialogue with viewers and make info as easy to understand and access as possible.

Adam understands that talent isn’t enough to become a professional musician.  It also requires a considerable work ethic, a desire to help others, discipline, organization, and constantly practicing and pushing the window for greater excellence.  He is constantly searching for the best tone he can get with his instrument(s) and he helps countless others achieve the same goal.

Adam is available for travel, tours, consulting, remote recording, mixing etc. 

“The tone and playability of these instruments is unlike/unparalleled by any other instruments I’ve ever owned. Simply incredible. They allow me to have my own voice and express myself with such ease and proficiency.
Bartolini has been my choice electronics for many years now. They just have that certain “oomf” that makes my ears happy and also makes sure I’m heard in the mix.”