5-String MK Soapbars

34mm x 108mm Bass Soapbar shape that can be used for a pro-level upgrade to the Mk-1-5 pickups in Ibanez, Cort, Groove Tools, Lakland Skyline, and other import instruments.
The three-hole mounting system is far superior to using one screw on each side of a pickup for stability and tilt adjustment. The 5-String MK pickups will need three screws, two on the bass side and one on the treble side for precise positioning of the pickup. Due to the wide range of instrument designs and hardware colors, screws are not included with the pickups.

Your voice is a combination of your pickups, strings, instrument materials and construction, and playing technique. The voice of your pickups is determined by the sensing structures - the magnetic field projected onto the strings and the interaction of the magnetic field with the coils.
We offer several carefully designed pickups series with different sensing structures so you can develop your voice. Check out the sensing structures below - Blue represents a South magnetic field, and Red represents a North magnetic field. Opposite polarity fields is used for hum-cancelling.

5-String 2J Squared - MK52J


5-String Classic Bass - MK5CBC


5-String J Soapbar - MK5J


5-String P Soapbar - MK5P


5-String Original - MK5C