2 Knob Control Layout

Pre-wired harnesses include battery clips and an output jack for quick installation. All of the pots are grounded with a wire that can be connected to the cavity shield or simply cut away if not needed in your installation. Knobs are a personal choice, so they are not included with the harness - except where there is a stacked (concentric) pot, we include a ring knob and center knob since they are not as common.

2 Band NTBT Preamp - HR-2.2


2 Pots: (Volume) (Treble/Bass Stack) - HR-2.2 - Active or Active/Passive
The NTBT 2-band preamp has wide boost and cut range for aggressive control of bass and treble. The treble frequency is set for classic, warm highs. Adjustable gain lets you boost the output by 4X.