by Mar 10, 2018

Bartolini Artist Zlatoyar Bass showing off the SINGULARITY Soapbar Pickups in his Warwick Thumb Bass

I hope the video was helpful.


  1. Fred van der Wende


    i’m a bassplayer from the Netherlands and need some advice.
    We are building a 4 strings fretless with a chamerd body and i like a full passive sound no preamp and a good output.

    Is there a Bartolini soapbar pickup just for the bridge that has a big sound?

    i like also a PJ passive setup because i have an old Fender P and a J bass and i’m a upright player.

    I hope you can give me some advices wich one i can use & buy.

    sorry for my English and i hope you can help me to make the right choice.

    best regards
    Fred vd Wende
    the Netherlands

    • Doug Somervell

      Hello Fred,
      Thanks for contacting us. I have reached out to our distributor in The Netherlands on your behalf. Pascal should be contacting you very soon if not already. He’s quite expert in Bartolini pickups and will be able to help you in your own language as I speak not a word of Dutch.
      all the best, and thanks for being a fan!!

      Douglas Somervell
      Master Luthier
      Customer Service/Tech Support
      Bartolini, Inc.

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