Classic Dual and b-axis J-Bass Demo

by Nov 6, 2016

Many thanks to Just Bass It Demos for comparing our J-Bass pickups!

I hope the video was helpful.


  1. Bill Vanderkamp

    Would like to know what pickup do you guys recommend for a jazz fretless bass with rotosound true bass 88 strings

    • Clyde

      I recommend Classic Dual. b-axis are great, but their articulation can be a bit much if you are going for an acoustic bass tone with the Rotosound True Bass 88 strings. The Classic Bass Dual coil pickups are responsive and deep. I use them on my fretless Pedulla Buzz which has a PJ setup, and although it has Pedulla round-wound nickel strings, I can get a good acoustic bass tone with the treble rolled off. I have b-axis on my Mayones fretless Jazz bass with nylon tape wound strings (I forget which – La Bella I think), and I like the setup, but it has a lot of harmonic response. That makes it great for b-axis demos, but not really for acoustic bass tone.


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