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February 9, 2016

Bartolini Inc. and Nordstrand Pickups Inc. have reached an agreement that allows and authorizes Bartolini Inc to use the angled alnico pole piece aesthetic for their b-axis J style pickup.

Bartolini acknowledges the similarity in appearance of this design to the widely recognized and readily identifiable original angled pole piece arrangement established and used in commerce by Nordstrand since 2003.

While the arrangement of the exposed b-axis alnico pole pieces may look similar to the Nordstrand arrangement, under the cover, the b-axis pickup continues Bartolini’s long history of original high asymmetry pickup designs, beginning with the Hi-A guitar pickup in the 70’s.

Bartolini and Nordstrand recognize the value of asymmetrical magnetic string sensing fields in producing a rich and complex tone and will continue to develop these concepts independently, with mutual respect. This agreement assures all parties are satisfied and not at odds in any way going forward. Carey and Clyde appreciate the enthusiasm and support of the bass community.

“The b-axis series takes the jazz bass to the highest level of voice and tone. With a complex asymmetrical response, our new design utilizes fully-encapsulated and exposed poles in unique harmony with Alnico V magnets to give the musician the ability to play any musical style. ” said Clyde Clark. “These pickups have an amazingly versatile voice that can give an instrument its true voice. Musicians everywhere will appreciate its performance and its price.”

The b-axis series pickups come in both a 4-string and a 5-string variety with a dual-coil hum-cancelling design. The new pickups will give the artist that sought after Bartolini tone while allowing them to play a Jazz style instrument in the instrumentalists chosen genre.  It greatly broadens the choice of options available on the market.###

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