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Bartolini: The New b-axis Series Jazz Bass Pickups

Bartolini has long been recognized worldwide by music professionals as the choice for upgrading the tone and voice of their instruments.

Since the introduction of the original Hi-A pickup series in the 1970’s, Bartolini has been known for providing musicians with world-class pickups and electronics. Continuing that legacy, President and Owner, Clyde Clark has recently released the next generation of Bass Pickups for Jazz style basses.

“The b-axis series takes the jazz bass to the highest level of voice and tone. Based on the original Bartolini Hi-A design, with a complex, asynchronous response our new design utilizes fully encapsulated and exposed poles in unique harmony with Alnico V magnets to give the musician the ability to play any musical style.” said Clark. “These pickups have an amazing versatile voice that can give an instrument its true. Musicians everywhere will appreciate its performance and its price.”

The b-axis series pickups come in both a 4-string and a 5-string variety with a split-coil hum-cancelling design. The new pickups will give the artist amazing versatility tone while allowing them to play a Jazz style instrument in the instrumentalists chosen genre.  It greatly broadens the choice of options available on the market.


So what makes these pickups special? Click this link to our answers section to learn more!  Click Here

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