Bartolini Press Release

January 22, 2014 – San Luis Obispo, California
Bartolini Pickups and Electronics is pleased to announce their new ACE™ Series guitar pickups.
Immaculately designed to deliver tone perfection, they harness the power and best features of both
Alnico and Ceramic magnets to give the discerning guitarist a powerful and legendary tone. “Built to
produce a hot tone you expect from an Alnico with the balancing tones you enjoy in a ceramic,” says
Clyde Clark, President and Principal Engineer of Bartolini, “it is two musical flavors joined into one”.

The pickups are designed in both single coil and humbucker.

“The Bartolini ACE pickups are a perfect complement for Novax guitars,” claims Ralph Novak, Master Luthier, “our multi‐scale instruments have extended tonal range and rich harmonic output; the Bartolini ACE pickups capture every nuance, inspiring the player with complete freedom of expression.”

The technical details: The ACE series are designed with a well‐defined magnetic field aperture for
maximum clarity and tonal response. It also includes common mode noise cancellation.
Bartolini Pickups and Electronics is recognized around the world as the standard in guitar and bass guitar
tone with the broadest selection to fit almost any instrument. Based in San Luis Obispo, California,
Bartolini builds pickups and electronics to some of the most respected luthiers, and to world‐class
retailers who offer upgrade replacement parts with superior technical service.