January 23, 2014 – San Luis Obispo, California

Bartolini Pickups and Electronics is pleased to announce that Cort® Guitars and Basses is launching their new Jeff Berlin Signature bass at the NAMM ’14 show. Called the RITHIMIC, this new instrument features Bartolini pickups that Jeff collaborated closely with Cort and Clyde Clark, CEO of Bartolini Inc., to develop.  “These are the best sounding pickups I ever had on any bass that I ever played!” says Jeff, “These new pickups produce exactly how I feel a great sounding bass should sound!”  The pickup set consists of a neck and bridge pair. “Jeff is extremely pleased with the warm and thick tones, with a piano-like end,” remarked James Suh, Brand Manager at Cort, “the bridge pickup delivers a tone much deeper than bridge pickups normally produce.” “The pickups are a split-coil design with a well-defined magnetic field aperture for maximum clarity and tonal response,” commented Clyde Clark, “It also includes common mode noise cancellation.”  As the pickups in this signature bass are fully passive, the tone is optimized when the bass is connected to a high impedance input.

Click here for a video demonstration with Jeff and Clyde!

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