Wiring Diagrams

We have a lot of wiring diagrams available to help you make your instrument sound great. We work hard to make installation as simple as we can, but you need to have some technical and mechanical ability to do it well. Soldering isn’t difficult, but it takes some skill and tools. We highly recommend finding a professional guitar tech to do installations.

Our archive wiring diagrams are also available below.

EQ Preamps

These are the current wiring diagrams for our Equalizer Preamps.

This diagram applies to the NTBT and all of the associated harnesses.

This diagram applies to the NTMB+F and NTMB+FL as well as all of the pre-wired harnesses. It includes information about mid switch configuration as well.

This diagram applies to the TCT, NTCT, and XTCT as well as the pre-wired harnesses.

Legacy Pickups Archives

These diagrams are for discontinued pickups.

Pickups with names ending in KE are generally split coil active pickups and can be wired in different ways.

The E88-D Active Humbucker was build between 1988 and 1997.

The E88-D could drive a V88-C for a full active setup. The E88-D was discontinued in 1997.

The E90 distortion humbucker was built from 1990-2000.

The 1B Selectable Spectrum Pickup was discontinued in 2000

The E92 was built between 1992 and 2004.

The Beast was discontinued in the early ’90s.

The MME and I4E pickups have 3 coils for hum cancelling when coil switched. The MME was discontinued in 2007.

The 1E (4 string) and 4E (5 string) triple coil bass pickups were built in the ’90s

This shows how to connect a 4 conductor pickup to a Music Man PCB.

The 3S Tapped Single Coil pickup was discontinued in 2012.

Archive wiring diagram for special Original Quad coil pickups wired with 6-conductor cable.

The 3XV stacked coil strat pickup could be driven by the E90 active humbucker to make a full active setup. The 3XV and E90 were discontinued in 2000.

This archive diagram is for some old specially wired Original Quad coil pickups with the exposed copper back.

The 3XV and E90 could be wired together to make an active setup with a boost toggle. They were discontinued in 2000.

The 6JH Mute Compartment pickup for Rickenbacker basses was built from 2001 to 2012.

The 8E was an active P-Bass pickup discontinued in the mid 1980s.

The 8TC was an active P-Bass pickup we made from 1993 to 2007.

The 8TC could be paired with a 9V stacked coil J-Bass pickup for a full-active setup.

The 9E was an active J-Bass pickup built from 1992-2008.

Legacy Electronics Archives

These diagrams are for discontinued electronics.

Wiring Diagram for the discontinued TBIBT which has a dual buffer and 2-Band EQ. You can now use an AGDB/918-2 Adjustable Gain Dual Buffer and a NTBT/918 2-Band EQ or a NTMB+F 3-Band EQ in less space.

This diagram shows the discontinued XTBT 2-Band preamp powering a set of J-Bass pickups.

This is the wiring diagram for the original TBT 2-Band EQ preamp.

The discontinued MPXTBT is a combination of a Magnetic/Piezo buffer and a 2-Band EQ. Use a MPB2-918 and a NTBT/918 to get the same functions in less space. Or use an MPB2-918 and a NTMB+F for a 3-Band option still in less space.

NS2TMB is a discontinued 3-Band preamp that requires 2 9V batteries.

Wiring Diagram for the old 2-module NTMB-918FL with NTMB3. These modules have been merged into NTMB+FL.

This is a diagram of the NTMB from before it was 18V tolerant.

TCT wiring diagram from the 1990’s

XTCT wiring diagram from the 1990’s

Discontinued DTA1.x buffers were only 9V tolerant. They have been replaced with DB918.x so they can be used with NTMB, NTBT, or TCT preamps.

Old Wiring Diagram for discontinued EZQ Parametric Filter.

Wiring Diagram for the discontinued EZQ Parametric Filter

An old TCT wiring diagram from the 1980’s

An old XTCT wiring diagram from the 1980’s

This is the wiring diagram for the Original TCT from the 1970’s